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    Default mini calendar

    Can I suggest that you change the -1 in install script for the default calendar from -1 to 1 in vBa 2.0 RC2

    'portal_calendarid' => array('title' => 'Calendar to Display', 'description' => 'Please select which calendar you would like to display.', 'value' => 
    '-1', 'optioncode' => 'calendarselect', 'displayorder' => '1', 'grouptitle' => 'adv_portal_calendar')
    This stops default installs having the month href at the top of the mini calendar going to a possible permssions denied page as -1 calendar doesnt exist.

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    I was wondering why I was getting the permission denied page when clicking the month name. I am an admin! lol

    Just another bug yet to be squashed

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