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Thread: vbadvanced newbie

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    Default vbadvanced newbie

    hey all,
    im a newbie and think i have all installed correctly.
    just not seeing any modules.
    please to help the rookie out.....



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    Default Re: vbadvanced newbie there they are. Since you installed your forums in your root, You might have to rename the index.php file for vbulletin to something else and then rename the cmps_index.php file index.php. Or you can redirect your site to point to so that when people hit your site they are directed to the cmps page

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    Default vbulleting / WP

    Is vbulletin compatible with WordPress? I have been told to add vbulletin for the forums of our php site. Any resources for a conversion, etc?

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    There is a WordPress/Vbulletin bridge available at
    Seen vB5 beta? No more vbulletin for me, done , gone,finished .

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    Default awesome

    thank you - i will check that out now Are you familiar with the bridge or just know it exists? (if I run into issues, would you be a potential resource? ... just thought I would throw it out there - not a big deal)

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