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Some of the images are broken on my vBadvanced pages

Upload the install file for your vBadvanced product (located in the forum/admincp folder of the download package and named vba(product name)_install.php), go to it in your browser, and select the option to update your image paths from there. Note that your 'Forum URL' setting (Admin CP => vBulletin Options => Site Name / URL / Contact Details) must be set correctly in order for this tool to work. If the script is unable to update your paths for you then you will need to update them manually.

Updating Smilies & Icons Manually:
Log into your Admin CP, go to your Smilie Manager and Icon Manager, and add the full URL to each image listed in those sections.
Example: http://yoursite.com/forums/images/smilies/smilie.gif or /forums/images/smilies/smilie.gif

Updating Style Images Manually:
If it is the buttons/logo/status icons/etc that you are having a problem with, go to your Style Manager in your Admin CP. From there, select 'All Style Options' next to the style you are having a problem with. On that page you will see a list of image paths. Make sure that all of the paths there contain the full URL to each directory.
Example: http://yoursite.com/forums/images/buttons or /forums/images/buttons

Note that some styles may use the replacement variables system. If your image paths are prefixed with something like {if}/images/buttons, scroll to the bottom of the page to the 'Replacement Variables' section. Update the URL for the replacement variable you saw in your image paths so that it points to the full URL to that folder.
Example: http://yoursite.com/forums/images/ or /forums/images/

If some of your background images are missing, scroll farther down this page and look for any CSS classes that have something like this for the 'Background' section:
#000000 url(images/whatever/something.gif)
Change those to the full URL to the image, so it looks something more like this:
#000000 url(http://yoursite.com/forum/images/whatever/something.gif)

Note that there may also be image URL's located in the 'Additional CSS Definitions' near the bottom of the style settings page that will need to be updated as well depending on your style.

Some of my links are pointing to the wrong URL on my vBadvanced pages

If the links on your vBadvanced pages are not pointing to the correct place, login to your Admin CP and click on the 'vBulletin Options' link in the left frame. Select the 'Site Name / URL / Contact Details' option and verify that your 'Forum URL' option is set correctly (Example: http://www.vbadvanced.com/forum). There should be no trailing slash or anything like '/index.php' added at the end.

If the links you are having a problem with are in your navbar or header and the first step did not help, click on the 'Default Settings' or 'Modify Settings' link under the section for your vBadvanced product in the left frame of your Admin CP. One of the first options you will see is called 'Navbar Replacements'. Ensure that you have the following files listed there, and that you have NOT mistakenly added your forums URL, or anything else in front of the filenames.

If you have a custom style, these links may have been moved to the 'header' template instead. If so, you can copy the filenames listed above and paste them into the 'Header Replacements' option on the same page.

If you have additional links in your navbar which are not listed above, simply add the filename to the list and then save your settings.

Even if everything appears to be ok with these settings, save your settings in order to make sure that the settings cache has been updated.

If the replacement settings do not help, then you will need to search in your template(s) to find the problematic link(s) and change them to point to the full URL to your forums. vB3 users can simply add "http://www.vbadvanced.com/forum" in front of the filename, while vB4 users should add "{vb:raw vboptions.bburl}" in front of the filename.

How do I make vBadvanced CMPS my homepage?

Please see this page of the vBadvanced CMPS Users' Manual.

I'm having problems staying logged in or logging out

If you are having problems logging in/out or staying logged in while visiting vBadvanced pages, please try the following:

1). Close all open browser windows and clear all cookies. Then load your browser and try logging in again. If that does not help, continue with the next suggestions.

2). Login to your Admin CP, click on 'vBulletin Options' in the left frame, and then select 'Cookies and HTTP Header Options'. Once there, make sure that your 'Path to Save Cookies' setting is set to '/' (without the quotes). If it is not, change it to '/', save your settings, close your browser, clear your cookies, and try logging in again. If that still does not help, continue to step #3.

3). Go back to your Admin CP, click on 'vBulletin Options' in the left frame, and select 'Cookies and HTTP Header Options' again. Check your 'Cookie Domain' setting and make sure it is set to '(blank)'. If it is not, change it to '(blank)', save your settings, close your browser, clear your cookies, and try logging in again.
If that still does not help, or the setting is already set to '(blank)', change the setting to '.yoursite.com' (note the 2 dots!). Save your settings, close your browser, clear your cookies, and then try logging in again.

Note: By changing your 'Cookie Domain' setting, it is possible to lock yourself out of the Admin CP if this is changed to an incorrect value. If this happens, upload the tools.php script (located in the 'do_not_upload' folder of the vBulletin zip file) to your admincp directory. Load the file in your browser and select the option to reset the cookie domain and path back to the defaults.

4). If the above steps still do not help, try logging in from both 'http://yoursite.com' and 'http://www.yoursite.com' to see if you are able to successfully login either with or without including 'www.' in the URL. If you are able to successfully login with one URL but not the other then your server is recognizing cookies differently depending on whether 'www.' is in the URL. The best way to solve this problem is to create a new file named .htaccess and upload it to the folder where you have your vBadvanced software installed (or your root directory). If you already have a .htaccess file in this directory you may add the code below to your current file instead of creating a new one.
Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yoursite\.com
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.yoursite.com/$1 [R=permanent,L]

How do I post news to a vBa CMPS page?

First post the news message(s) you would like to appear in your regular forums. Then login to your Admin CP, click on the 'Default Settings' link under the vBa CMPS group, and select the 'News' setting group. There you will see options that will allow you to pick specific threads or forums to display threads from in your news module.

Problems getting the news to display?
Login to your Admin CP, click on the 'Edit Modules' link under the vBa CMPS group, select your News module from the list, and verify the following:
  • Under the 'PHP File Module Options' section, make sure that you have these values for the following settings:
    File to Include: news.php
    Module Parent: None
    Clean File Output: No
  • Make sure that you have selected some specific threads or forums using the 'News Threads' and/or 'News Forums' setting for the news module. If selecting specific forums, make sure that those forums contain threads that are visible to the public and not awaiting moderation.
  • Make sure that the 'Maximum Number of Threads to Display' setting is set to a value higher than 0. (a value of 0 will disable the module)
  • Make sure that the threads that should be displayed are not older than the 'Cut-Off Date' setting. If they are, adjust the setting to a higher number so that they can be included.
  • When adjusting the settings above, make sure that you do not see a red and white message stating that the setting has been customized on specific pages. If you see that message next to one of these settings, you will need to edit that page and either change the setting there or edit that page and revert the setting(s) so that they will use the default values again.
  • If your members do not have permission to view the forum(s) that your news threads are posted in, you may need to either adjust your forum permissions to allow these groups to view threads in those forums, or change the 'Apply Forum Permissions' setting for the news module to 'No'.
  • If all of the above settings look correct, click on the 'Edit Pages' link under the vBa CMPS menu in your Admin CP. Click on the title of the page that you are trying to enable the news module on and make sure that the it is listed in the 'Modules Enabled' section.

Warning: require_once(./includes/vba_cmps_include_template.php) [...]: No such file or directory

This error generally means that you either did not upload the 'forums/includes/vba_cmps_include_template.php' file that comes with the download package, or that you did not set your $forumpath variable correctly in your vBadvanced config file. Make sure that the 'forums/includes/vba_cmps_include_template.php' file exists on your server. If so, continue to the next item to verify that you have set your $forumpath variable correctly in the config file.

I receive an error that says "Invalid forum path specified!"

This error means that the path to your forums directory is set incorrectly.
Open the config file for your vBadvanced product (or the cmps_index.php file for the CMPS) and make sure that you have set the $forumpath variable to the full path (NOT the URL!) to your forums. The path will usually look something like '/home/your_site/public_html/forum'. If you are not sure of your forum path, you may just be able to enter a period (.) and the name of the folder where you have vBulletin installed. Example: If have vBulletin installed to a folder named 'forum', you would enter this:
$forumpath = './forum';

If that does not work, you can verify your forum path by downloading the forumpath.php attachment found below. Upload the file to your server into the folder where you have vBulletin installed, go to it in your browser, and it should print out the correct path to your forums.

Copy that path, paste it over what you currently have for your $forumpath variable in the vBadvanced config file, and reupload that file.
Attached Files
File Type: php forumpath.php (325 Bytes, 1700 views)

I receive a "POST requests from foreign hosts are not allowed" error when logging in

This error normally occurs when you have your forums on a sub-domain. It is due to some new security precautions added in vBulletin to prevent POST requests from other domain names from being sent to your forums. To solve this problem, login to your Admin CP, click on 'vBulletin Options' in the left frame, and then select the 'General Settings' group. Find the 'Post Referrer Whitelist' setting there and add your domain name to that list in the format specified (Example: .vbadvanced.com).

How can I restore a module that has been deleted?

Both vBadvanced CMPS and vBadvanced Dynamics come with a backup of each default module, located in the 'Extras (do not upload)/modules' folder of the respective download package. If you accidentally delete a module, simply click on the 'Download / Upload Module' link in your Admin CP under the product you wish to restore the module to. Click the 'Browse' button on that page, navigate to the 'Extras (do not upload)' folder of your download package, select the module that you would like to restore, and then follow the on-screen instructions from there.

The content for my custom module appears above the title bar

If the content of your custom module is appearing above the title of the module, that is most likely because you have the 'Use Module Wrapper Template' setting enabled, but missed this note regarding that setting.

Note that all templates should use the following format if this setting is enabled:
<td class="$bgclass">

<!-- Your code here -->


I receive an error saying "A required field called pageid is missing or has an invalid value." when editing a CMPS page

This is usually caused by the PHP Suhosin module (note this is a PHP module installed by your host, not to be confused with a CMPS module). To verify that this is caused by Suhosin, upload this file to your vBulletin 'admincp' folder, go to the file in your browser, and click the "Submit" button. If the final number printed on the next page is less than 1,000 then this confirms that it is the Suhosin module that is causing the problem.

If you have root access to your server and are able to modify your php.ini file, you can change the following values:
suhosin.post.max_vars = 2048
suhosin.request.max_vars = 2048

If you do not have access to edit the php.ini file on your server, you can upload a .htaccess file to your {vBulletin}/admincp folder with the following code:
php_value suhosin.request.max_vars 2048
php_value suhosin.post.max_vars 2048

If neither of the above options work then you will need to contact your host, link them to this FAQ item, and ask them to change the values at the root level.

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