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Thread: Problems with frontpage pictures

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    Default Problems with frontpage pictures

    For example look at the poll down on the left side of the page. Anyone know why they aren't showing?

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    Default Re: Problems with frontpage pictures

    First thing, go into your Admincp - Vbuletin Options -site name / url / contact details. Ensure where you have entered your web addresses, you have put and not a trailing slash. and you must have http:// at the beginning too.

    If it is not this, then do the following. (I had to do it on Mine)

    Upload Vbcamps_install.php to your Admin cp & run it. but rather than selecting Install vBAdvanced, select update image paths.

    Then, remove from all of your image paths. so it only leaves (eg.) /images/icons/icon6.gif depending on the image. then save. do this for all of the images that come up.

    Then Delete the Vbcamps_install.php file from your Server.

    Should work now.

    Many Thanks
    Derek Clarke

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    Default Re: Problems with frontpage pictures

    That did it for some of the images, but the poll isn't fixed yet though

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    Default Re: Problems with frontpage pictures

    Make sure you set the 'Poll Images Folder' option correctly.

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