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Thread: vB3 Awesome WAP Style (for mobile users)

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    Talking vB3 Awesome WAP Style (for mobile users)

    Hello my friends , my names is Alex

    i am a programmer and WEB Dev

    Here is my first stunning project, which you can't find anywhere on internet

    Yes, as i mentioned in thread title (A WAP STYLE) for mobile users.
    we all know that in these days mobile trend is on demand. everybody using mobiles/tablets to surf (Browse) Internet & Websites.

    But they get annoyed when a big page opened in their small screens

    Example :

    that is really sick

    But do not worry friends . i made a superb style with all features enabled in SNEAKY WAP

    Requirements :

    vBulletin 3.8.x (still not for vB4)

    Optional for Features (Can be manually Modified) :

    Inferno vBShout 2.5.2
    Mobile Device Force Style 2.1.3b
    Post Thank You Hack 7.7
    Username HTML Markup 2.0
    Who Has Read a Thread. 3.8.003
    vBCredits I 2.0.0

    To purchase or support :

    Email : [email protected] or [email protected]
    Website : w w w . s n e a k y g u y s . c o m (remove spaces)
    Demo :

    NOTE: This modification needs some programming (Manually) and otherwise you can loose many features like (Chat, Username Colors, Thanks Button Etc.)

    No problem i provide support via can contact me to Purchase ($) this very new Awesome Plugin for Styling your vBulletin Forums 3.8

    Do not worry about Choosing / Changing Styles again and again for PC users to Mobile users. It will automatic redirect or Put SNEAKY WAP style for Mobile, PDA, Iphone, Tablet Users.

    Here some screenshots:

    Forumhome page with Forums link and Shoutbox (Chat)

    Forumbits (Categories)

    Forumdisplay page :

    Forumdisplay with PageNav :

    New Thread Posting :

    Show Thread Page :

    Profile Page :

    Send Private Message :

    Edit your Avatar :

    Say Thanks (thanks button in post)

    Reply to this topic for your reviews .. and to purchase this modification contact me on Gmail or Yahoo


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    Thanks for your share

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