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vBadvanced Dynamics


Designed with versatility in mind, vBadvanced Dynamics is a highly configurable, multi-purpose product that can be used to catalog and display a database of just about anything*. It creates a completely separate section from your vBulletin forums for articles, file sharing, user blogs, a simple categorized list of recipes, and/or just about everything in between. Features include an advanced module system, unlimited categories, attachment uploads, ratings, custom fields, over 50 usergroup permissions, user favorites, e-mail subscriptions, SEO friendly URLs, and much more with over 250 configuration settings. Have more than one use in mind? Our optional and unique "Multiple Instance" licensing option makes it easy to install multiple copies of the software that are completely independent from one another on the same web site.



Key Features
  • vBulletin Integration - Of course, vBadvanced Dynamics is completely integrated with and built around vBulletin using it's styles, template system, user registration system, and everything else you would expect.
  • Settings - With over 260 settings, just about every aspect of the software is easy to customize to fit your needs. Also includes settings to easily change key words such as "category" and "entry" throughout the program for seamless integration for your needs.
  • Advanced Module System - Includes a complete module system, similar to vBadvanced CMPS. There are also optional features to allow your members to customize the modules active on their pages and even add their own BB Code modules. Most CMPS modules will also be compatible.

    Included Default Modules:
    • About Me - A module that can be enabled when browsing a members' category or when viewing an entry that shows more information about the owner of the category or author of the entry.
    • Calendar - A small AJAX calendar with links to the days in which entries have been submitted.
    • Category Listing - A condensed version of your categories allowing your users to easily view and quickly browse different categories.
    • Featured Entries - A listing of any entries that have been marked as a "Featured" entry.
    • Generic List - A simple "list" module allowing your users to display a list of their favorite movies, car enhancements, baseball players, or anything you can think of.
    • Guest Book - A simple guest book that can be enabled on your members' pages, allowing other members to leave a comment for them.
    • My Buddies - Allow your members to publicly display who's on their buddy list.
    • My Categories - A module that can be enabled when browsing a members' category or when viewing an entry that shows a list of all custom categories that belong to the owner of the category or author of the entry.
    • My Favorites - A module that can be enabled when browsing a member's category or when viewing an entry that shows what entries have been marked as a "favorite" by the author.
    • My Links - Allow your members to enter a list of their favorite links to be displayed with their entries or within their categories.
    • Quick Moderation - A condensed list letting you know if there are any entries, categories, attachments, or posts awaiting moderation.
    • Quick Navigation - An expanded navigation module, allowing your users to quickly and easily find different areas of vBadvanced Dynamics.
    • Random Entries - Displays entries picked at random.
    • Recent Comments - A preview of the most recent comments that have been made.
    • Search - An advanced search module allowing your users to quickly and easily search for keywords.
    • Stats - Displays stats such as the total number of categories, entries, posts, and views.
    • What's New - Displays a list of the newest entries that have been submitted.
  • Members' Categories - Make any of your categories a "Members' Category" in which any entries submitted will automatically be placed in a sub-category named after that user. Also included is an option to display a main Members' Category on your index page with a category-type display of all members who have submitted an entry, linking to a page displaying all entries submitted by that user.
  • User Categories - Allow your users to create their own categories and, if you'd like, give them the ability to enable/disable viewing, ratings, replies, and new entries from other members. Also includes options allowing the user to password protect the category and, if desired, give them moderator abilities for that category.
  • Attachments - Allow users to attach files with their entries, similarly to the vBulletin attachment system. Includes thumbnail generation for image files, permissions on a per-extension/per-usergroup basis, and other permissions settings allowing you to control what your members are allowed to upload. Also includes a "My Attachments" section allowing your users to mass manage their own attachments using vBulletin's inline moderation tools.
  • Usergroup Permissions - Over 50 different permissions settings that can be set on a per-usergroup basis, giving you control of what each usergroup is allowed to do. Most of these permissions settings can also be changed on a per-category basis as well.
  • Custom Fields - Different types of custom fields (textarea, text input, radio, select, and checkbox choices) may be added to collect and display additional information about entries.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Careful attention has gone into SEO for this product. In addition to strategically placed 'rel="nofollow"' tags to help direct search engines, the product also offers spider friendly URL's using mod rewrite. By changing a setting and uploading a .htaccess file from the download package, you can easily change the URL's in your vBadvanced Dynamics pages from looking like this:

    To this:
  • AJAX Technology - AJAX technology used throughout including the mini calendar module, quick reply (with no page refresh), ratings, and inline moderation.
  • Inline Moderation - Similar to vBulletin's inline moderation system, members with moderator abilities can mass manage entries and posts while browsing through the user side of the program. Abilities include deleting, opening, closing, un-/sticking, un-approving, and moving entries, as well as deleting, moving, and un-approving replies to entries.
  • Private Entries - Allow users to mark their entries as private, meaning only that user and members on their buddy list will be able to view the entry.
  • Drafts - Allow users to save their entries as drafts, meaning that the entry will not be visible to the public until published. The entry will still be accessible via the "My Drafts" link under the "My Stuff" menu.
  • Moderation - Ability to moderate new entries, categories, and posts submitted by users on a per-usergroup basis.
  • Unlimited categories, sub-categories, entries, posts, and etc.
  • Sticky Entries.
  • Options to allow for multiple page entries.
  • Delayed Publishing - Allow your users to submit their entry as a draft, and pick a specific date and time for the entry to automatically be updated and published for public view.
  • RSS Feeds.
  • Allow users to comment on entries.
  • Allow users to enter "Tags" (keywords) with their entries
  • Allow users to rate entries.
  • User favorites.
  • User subscriptions.
  • Advanced searching features.
  • Shows the number of views, posts, last person to reply to entries, and etc for each entry.
  • Advanced sorting options in each category.
  • Allow users to send a link to an entry to their friends.
  • Allow users to report problematic entries.
  • Image verification for guests for searching, submitting, reporting, replying, and sending entries to friends to help prevent spam bots.

"Multiple Instance" Licenses
Do you have more than one use in mind for vBadvanced Dynamics? No problem! We also offer an additional license option called a "Multiple Instance" License. A Multiple Instance License is an additional one time fee of $24.99, and will grant you the right to run as many instances of vBadvanced Dynamics as you would like, though they must be limited to the same web site or domain name (If you have multiple web sites that you would like to use vBa Dynamics on, a separate license is still required for each web site). Each secondary instance will have it's own templates, phrases, database tables, and etc so it will be just like running a completely separate and independent product.
* - Due to legal restrictions, this Software may not be used primarily as a photo-posting type software. See the 'Usage' heading in the Terms & Conditions on the ordering page.


vBulletin 3.6.0 or higher.
PHP 4.0.6 or higher.
MySQL 3.23 or higher is recommended.

Version Info

Current Version: 2.1.4
Released: 06-13-2012
Price: 49.99[Purchase]

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